"You told me you could help even though we got denied by our lender. My wife wanted to trust you, I am glad she did. Thank you sir, for helping us stop our foreclosure and keep our home." - R.K. and M.K. - Mississippi

UCMA Testimonials

Actual quotations taken from just a few written (on file) testimonials from past clients:

"Thank you for your tireless work to save our home. Today we signed our Loan Modification and save our home because of your hard work. I cannot thank you enough." --F.L.H. - Louisiana

"After dealing with my lender for months, receiving no help and getting the run around; I contacted United Capital Mortgage Assistance. They got in touch with my lender, played hardball and stopped my foreclosure. I am so grateful for the great people at UCMA. The relentless help was a God send." -- J.C. - Wyoming

"3.250% - that is our interest rate now thanks to you! We could have never kept our home without all your wonderful help! Thank you again and God bless you all!
--B.B. & R.B. - Florida


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"I can hardly believe that you got my interest rate down...this gives me almost a $375.00 monthly savings and I keep my home! Thank you UCMA, thank you!" --D.G. - Illinois

"Without your help with my foreclosure, I would be on the streets. . . . My first payment has been made, and it's a good feeling to be back on track." --J.S.

". . . you helped relieve a great deal of headache for me. The collection officers that called me had me very rattled. . . . Things look a lot better for me now." --K.M.

"When we realized that we were three months behind . . . We ask(ed) several family members for help. . . . We (applied) for several loans . . . we were unable to get the loans. . . .The final results of our case work(ed) out in our favor. We are bless(ed) (that) we got to keep our home." --Mr. & Mrs. L.P.

"...but as you know I was very worried and scared, but I thank God for you all and how you all really helped, I can't say enough, thank you." -- G.H.

"I thought my situation was beyond repair, my mortgage was four months in arrears due to circumstances beyond my control. . . . Not only did United Capital come through for me, HUD has also guaranteed the balance owed to bring my mortgage current. Again, I want to say thank you and God Bless." -- G.H.

"Again we thank you for your patience, kindness, prepare(d)ness and most of all your guidance." -- L.P. & A.P.

". . . in December I ran into a septic tank problem . . . I had to keep spending money on the septic tank . . . so I got behind in my mortgage payment. . . . I really was losing sleep at night. . .Thank God for the way (they) help people." -- M.B. & K.B.

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"Thanks to everyone who help(ed) me avoid foreclosure and keep my home. I am back on my feet, thanks. You guy(s) are great!" -- L.M.

"How may times can a person say, "Thank You!" to a company who steps in and assists you in the saving of something, as important and vital as your place of residence, your home. Thank You Very Much". -- Ms. SG

"You and the members of your staff have been tremendously wonderful and now we can rest and knowing that we can keep our home. I would highly recommend my friends, family or anyone to your company if they are in trouble of losing their home." -- Mr. and Mrs. LP

"Thanks for all your help! I'll be sure to refer your company to friends and relatives. Once again thanks for saving my home!!!" --O.K., Jr.

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