"I want to thank you for helping my family stop the foreclosure on our home. You did everything you said you would, like you said you would and we cannot thank you enough!" - B.H. and D.H. - New York

UCMA Affiliate Program

Loss Mitigation Opportunities and Training - Foreclosure Prevention Programs are needed throughout the United States to help maintain the American Dream and help keep American families who are behind in mortgage payments in their homes.

United Capital Mortgage Assistance, a leader in the Loss Mitigation industry, are experts, well known and highly respected throughout the industry and has been assisting homeowners qualify for, apply for and receive loan modifications and other Loss Mitigation Programs since January 1997.

United Capital Mortgage Assistance is currently seeking qualified individuals, WITH LOSS MITIGATION EXPERIENCE, to run and maintain their own Loss Mitigation Satellite Office" and provide Foreclosure Prevention services as an Independent Contractor of United Capital Mortgage Assistance.

Loss Mitigation - Foreclosure Prevention
Experience is a Prerequisite.

Have Loss Mitigation experience and looking for a leader in the industry who takes care of their clients, gets the job done for their clients and pays you on time?

Let United Capital Mortgage Assistance, an Industry Leader; negotiate your client's behalf and get your clients into the best Loss Mitigation Programs available today.

All the tools you will need to become a Loss Mitigation Independent Contractor is provided to you by United Capital Mortgage Assistance.

Including your very own UCMA website with your own back-office to help maintain your modification applications and files, ready for you to utilize along with UCMA documentation. The exact same documentation United Capital Mortgage Assistance utilizes for our clients to keep their homes will be available for your use as well.

Loss Mitigation - Foreclosure Prevention
Experience is a Prerequisite.

United Capital Mortgage Assistance gives you answers to all your questions along with total support from our team of Loss Mitigation - Foreclosure Prevention experts.

Become a part of UCMA's national network of Professional Loss Mitigation Independent Contractors and join a winning team - United Capital Mortgage Assistance, LLC.

For additional information about UCMA's Affiliate Program, please call 1.800.474.1407, from 9 am to 5 pm Central and/or please tell us a little about yourself by clicking on and filling out the Your Affiliate Profile link below and we will be happy to give you a call, thank you.

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