"We tried to do this ourselves but it did not work. You said you could help us avoid foreclosure and you did. I was a little leery, but not any more. You are amazing, thank you for all your help!" - R.D. & W.D. - Washington DC

UCMA's Client Confidentiality

Any and all information collected by United Capital Mortgage Assistance, LLC will be kept personal and confidential.

This information will be used exclusively by United Capital Mortgage Assistance, LLC and only for the purposes of foreclosure prevention, credit counseling and budgeting education.

This information will not be sold, transferred, or released to any individual, business, entity or otherwise for any purpose other than the ones stated herein, guaranteed.


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It isn't easy to stop foreclosure, but with UCMA's foreclosure help, we
take the difficulty out of it for you to make it as easy as possible. Just supply us with a few pieces of information, keep lines of communication open, save your mortgage money and United Capital Mortgage Assistance literally does the rest to help you keep your home and avoid foreclosure.

UCMA updates all clients on the progress of their case.
While helping stop foreclosure, our expert staff will continually update you throughout the entire default resolution process. And should there ever be any questions, just give us a call, toll-free at 1.800.474.1407.

United Capital Mortgage Assistance has been referred by local chapters
of the United Way and American Red Cross, including other non-profit organizations, credit counseling companies, clergymen, local attorneys, mortgage brokers, past clients and others. Why do so many refer United Capital Mortgage Assistance to stop foreclosure? They know, with UCMA, people avoid foreclosure, people keep their homes.

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