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Delaware Foreclosure Law

If you are in foreclosure in the state of Delaware, we help stop foreclosure in Delaware. If you would like to keep your home and avoid foreclosure, UCMA offers foreclosure help in Delaware. For additional information, please click on our Home page, thank you.

Stop Delaware Foreclosure and Avoid Foreclosure in Delaware and Delaware Foreclosure Help Avoid Delaware Foreclosure - Quick Facts

- Judicial Foreclosure Available: Yes
- Non-Judicial Foreclosure Available: No
- Primary Security Instruments: Mortgage
- Timeline: Typically 90 days
- Right of Redemption: No
- Deficiency Judgments Allowed: No

In Delaware, lenders may foreclose on a mortgage in default by using the judicial foreclosure process.

Judicial Foreclosure

Lenders in Delaware are given a number of options in which they may pursue judicial foreclosure, but the most commonly used procedure is the Scire Facias.

This proceeding is quite different from other judicial foreclosures because instead of the lender having to prove the borrower is in default of the mortgage, the borrower has to prove he isn't. Although the suit to obtain an order for foreclosure is filed by the lender, the borrower must appear in court within twenty (20) days of being served a writ to provide evidence as to why the foreclosure should not take place. Unless the court is satisfied with the borrowers explanation and evidence, they will authorize a foreclosure sale.

Said sale must be conducted by the sheriff and held either at the courthouse or at the property itself at least fourteen (14) days after the notice of sale is posted on the property and in other public places throughout the county in which it is located.

The buyer has no right of redemption once the court has confirmed the sale. How to stop foreclosure in Delaware.

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