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"After dealing with my lender for months, receiving no help and the constant run around; I contacted UCMA. They were paramount in getting results!"..."[They] played hardball and stopped my foreclosure. The relentless help was a God send." J.C. - Wyoming

Stop Foreclosure in Virginia

Foreclosure Help with Loan Modifications Since 1997

Are you behind on your mortgage payments or on the verge of getting behind in Virginia and want to keep your home? Or have you tried getting a Loan Modification and have been denied or does your lender/servicer keep asking for the same documents time after time and you may need help in stopping your foreclosure?

Since 1997 United Capital Mortgage Assistance has been assisting homeowners stop foreclosure and helping them keep their homes, through different types of Loan Modifications and Workout Programs that fits our client's budgets, without the need to borrow additional money or file for bankruptcy. We are experts in assisting homeowners stop foreclosure and we offer foreclosure help in Virginia. For the past seventeen (17) years UCMA has been helping homeowners qualify for, apply for and receive loan modifications, getting them caught up and back on track with their mortgage payments. Our years of experience, know-how and our client commitment helps make us the foreclosure prevention industry's best. Call us today and see how the real experts can help you. Call us toll-free at 1.800.474.1407, click Contact UCMA or Apply Online and receive your Free, No Obligation, Foreclosure Prevention Consultation. Call us and receive your Free Consultation today!

Our first priority is to help you keep your home in Virginia and help you stop foreclosure. Our seventeen (17) years of mortgage assistance is unsurpassed and we will utilize all stop home foreclosure options that are available to help you avoid foreclosure in Virginia and help get you caught up and back on track with your mortgage.

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We are happy to answer all your questions about how to stop foreclosure in Virginia. We will explain the foreclosure process to you in detail and discuss the foreclosure prevention programs and all the options available to help you keep your home in Virginia.

We will help you throughout the entire foreclosure prevention process to stop your foreclosure in Virginia and we continually give you updates, from beginning to end, so you will know exactly what is going on with your mortgage account at all times.

We ask that you supply us with a few pieces of information, save your mortgage payment, as if you're paying it, keep lines of communication open between us and we will literally do the rest to stop the foreclosure process on your home in Virginia and help you get back on track with your mortgage.

After our negotiations with your mortgage lender is complete, we verify you have received the Loan Modification Trail Plan we obtained on your behalf. We go through it with you to confirm its terms and thereafter we verify with your lender that the Agreement is in place, that you are once again current and that all foreclosure proceedings on your home in Virginia have been stopped and then we call you with the great news, you're current and back on track again.

United Capital Mortgage Assistance has been referred by local chapters of the United Way, American Red Cross and National MS Society, including other non-profit organizations, credit counseling companies, clergymen, local attorneys, mortgage brokers, past clients and others. Why do so many refer United Capital Mortgage Assistance to stop foreclosure? They know, with UCMA, homeowners in Virginia and throughout America keep their homes.

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